5 comps for Mariners OF Jonatan Clase

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Kenny Lofton - 130 HR, 622 SB, .299/.372/.423. 68.4 WAR. 6 AS, 4 GG

I think this is what I want. Not just because Lofton had an incredible career, one that borders on being Hall of Fame worthy, but because he was also so exciting. Everyone wants another Griffey, but if we could get Kenny Lofton out of Jonatan Clase, I'd be ecstatic.

Loften provided power in the low-teens, hitting double-digit homers seven different times throughout his career. It was the speed that made him amazing though, as he had nearly as many triples (116) as homers (130). That played on the base paths as well, as Lofton would lead the league in steals for 5 straight seasons, accumulating 325 bags over that time frame.

Like Damon, Lofton didn't strike out much. Toss out his rookie year in Houston, and he had a career rate of just 10.9%, remaining incredibly consistent throughout his career. His walks (945) were nearly the same as his Ks (1016), giving him a lot of opportunities to swipe second... or third.

A great hitter as well, Lofton was nearly a career 300 hitter (needed 8 more hits over his career). It wasn't just the bat though, as Lofton was a force on defense as well. It was hard to win Gold Gloves in the 90s, but Lofton still managed to get four of his own. When it was said and done, Lofton finished with a career dWAR of 15.5, although 15 of that was his age 25 through 34 seasons.

Maybe I'm way off. Maybe Clase has 20-25 HR power, and he ends up being Bobby Bonds, hitting 332 HR and swiping 461 bags, joining the rare 300/300 club. Maybe the power takes a larger precedent in his career instead of speed, and he ends up like Carlos Beltran with 435 HR and 312 SB. I don't think those happen, but you never know.

If I had to put my money on it, I'd say he has something in-between Victorino and Damon. A longer career than Victorino, but not as long/impactful as Damon. A great player, combining for 450+ HR/SB. He just turned 21, so he has a lot of baseball out in front of him, and is likely a ways away from even making the majors... although his stock is climbing. Regardless, I'm excited for Jonatan Clase, and cannot wait to see what he does in his career.