5 comps for Mariners OF Jonatan Clase

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Johnny Damon - 235 HR, 408 SB, .284/.352/.433. 56.3 WAR

Obviously, predicting that anyone is going to have a 56 career WAR is a big ask, but that's why it's just a comp. Clase has legit next-level speed, switch-hits, and is turning into a good defender. If he can walk as well, that's going to make a big impact. It's part of the reason Damon was so good for so long.

Throughout his career, Damon rarely struck out, while walking at a solid clip. In fact, Damon held a K rate of 10.8% across his first 14 seasons, eclipsing 12% just four times. His career high of 15.1% was in his age-35 season, which is still a great number.

Damon would hit .256 during his lone season in Oakland at age 27. Other than that, he hit above .270 in every season from age 21 (rookie) through age 36. From 23 to 36, Damon would hit .289/.359/.440. That's incredible. A hitter these days would likely have a lower BA, but a similar OBP/SLG, but I would still take that all day.

One of the other impressive stats with Damon is how he held his speed throughout his career. He stole above 30 bases only 4 times, and above 36 just once. However, he was 29/37 at age-34, and 19/25 at age 37. If you tell me that you are going to have an outfielder into their mid/late 30s that can provide double digit steals at an efficient clip, all the while still hitting well, I'd be all for it. Let's just hope that Clase's arm holds up better than Damon's did.