5 comps for Mariners OF Jonatan Clase

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Marquis Grissom - 227 HR, 429 SB, .272/.318/.415. 29.6 WAR. 4 GG

I think a lot of people would be surprised to see that these are the career totals that Grissom ended up with. Despite a poor career OPS+, Grissom had surprising pop throughout his career, hitting 15+ HR 7 different times.

I wanted to put Grissom on this list because I think that this is a possible path for Clase to take. Insane speed on the bases to start his career, running wild. Grissom had 154 SB in in his age 24/25 seasons, tallying nearly 36% of his career total. He still stole bases after that, with 53 and 36 the next two years, but was never above 30 again.

173 of his homers came after those four seasons. I could see something similar to this with Clase. He blazes out of the gate, getting a ton of steals while flirting with double-dight power. As he gets into his later 20s, he still steals bases, but starts pushing 15-20 HR a season instead.

Grissom rarely walked, which really hurt his production, especially having that speed. Clase has been doing a much better job so far in the minors in his young career, walking at around 11.5%. So what would happen if he kept a similar level of power and speed, but was just a much more productive player?