5 comps for Mariners OF Jonatan Clase

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Shane Victorino - 108 HR, 231 SB. .275/.340/.425. 31.5 WAR. 4 GG

Victorino's career numbers might seem low to you. I know they did to me. He got a late start, never really making an impact or getting a chance until his age-26 season. Once he did, things were amazing. He would hit .279/.344/.438 over his first 7 seasons, tallying 211 steals and 97 homers. He received MVP votes in 3 seasons, made an All-Star team, and won four gold gloves. An average WAR of 4.1 is pretty impressive as well.

The reason I went with Victorino is that I think we could see something like that from Clase, but possibly starting sooner in his career. 12 homers a season and 30-35 steals for around 10-12 seasons? Yeah, sign me up for that. That would put him around 150 homers and 400 steals. Similar to what we talked about with DeShields above, but with better power.

This is still asking for a really good player to get Victorino for a decade. Clase literally just turned 21 though, and is already playing well in AA. Could he see the majors by 23? It seems like that is the path that he is on, so why not? What happens if the speed sticks and he has more power, though? Well, that's where we go to next.