5 bold predictions for the Mariners for the 2024 season

The Mariners are gonna look a lot different in 2024. Here are 5 bold predictions for Seattle heading into the upcoming season.
Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals
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Mariners Bold Prediction #1: Cal Raleigh leads the team in homers... with 42

Cal Raleigh has shown true pop for the Mariners since getting called up, even if the batting average could use a bit of work. Here's the thought process that goes behind this one. The Mariners have has Tom Murphy in the past while Raleigh was here, but he has been unable to stay healthy. It's caused Big Dumper to have to play ALOT behind the plate.

With Garver and Hunt on the team, maybe this means that Raleigh is able to take some more time off from behind the plate and play some of those games at DH instead, which in turn, will keep him healthier. He played only 15 games at DH last season (14 started, 1 pinch hit). Imagine if that number bumps up to 30-35.

After seasons of 27 HR and 30 HR, could Cal continue his rise in power? His HR rate actually dropped from 6.5% to 5.3% last season compared to 2022. A 6.5% HR rate last season would've give Cal 37 homers, so this really isn't all that bold. If he still gets around 570 PA and bumps that HR rate back in the other direction to around 7.3%... that would be 42 HR for Cal Raleigh.