4 Trade Destinations for Logan Gilbert if the star pitcher is made available

With rumors surfacing that the Mariners could be in on one of the best Japanese pitchers to ever come stateside, could the Mariners look at trading one of their best pitchers? What teams would be interested in Logan Gilbert and what sort of return could they get?
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Logan Gilbert Suitor #4: Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks are a team that I think could be a dark horse here. Fresh off a World Series appearance, they could look the bolster their rotation. The Diamondbacks and Mariners don't match up all that well, but they do have some interesting players, they just aren't exactly proven yet.

The Diamondbacks have guys like Jordan Lawler, Geraldo Perdomo, and Alek Thomas. They also have major league talent, but I just don't see it being available to the Mariners. I really like Christian Walker, but he isn't enough by himself and creates a big hole in their lineup. I also really like former Mariner, Ketel Marte, but again, that creates a fairly big hole.

I think if something were to work out here for the Mariners it would have to be something like Jordan Lawler and Christian Walker for Gilbert and I just don't know if that would work for either side. I would entertain a deal around Christian Walker and Alek Thomas/Jake McCarthy for Miller or Woo, but even that I don't think is enough.