4 Trade Destinations for Logan Gilbert if the star pitcher is made available

With rumors surfacing that the Mariners could be in on one of the best Japanese pitchers to ever come stateside, could the Mariners look at trading one of their best pitchers? What teams would be interested in Logan Gilbert and what sort of return could they get?
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Logan Gilbert Suitor #2: Detroit TIgers

The Detroit Tigers are a weird team. They seemed to be rebuilding when out of nowhere they gave Javier Baez and Eduardo Rodriguez some pretty big contracts. At the same time, they play in a division that is not very good, but not very bad, just pretty mid.

I have read reports that the Tigers would be interested in signing an established major league pitcher and they did to a certain extent, signing, Kenta Maeda to be a starter, giving them a decent back-of-the-rotation guy. They could still really use a solid front-end starter and they have some pretty interesting pieces, though I don't know if it would be enough for Gilbert.

The Tigers have some young offense that could be of interest to the Mariners. Guys like Riley Greene, Spencer Torkelson, Kerry Carpenter are young, club-controlled guys that could be of value to the Mariners. However, I think to get a deal done, it would take at least 2 of those guys and I don't see the Tigers willing to part with that much. I also think that the Mariners could get more proven, top-end talent than those 3. Because, while the upside is very real, none of those 3 have broken out and shown to be elite players.