4 Trade Destinations for Logan Gilbert if the star pitcher is made available

With rumors surfacing that the Mariners could be in on one of the best Japanese pitchers to ever come stateside, could the Mariners look at trading one of their best pitchers? What teams would be interested in Logan Gilbert and what sort of return could they get?
Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants
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Logan Gilbert Suitor #1: Tampa Bay Rays

The most obvious fit for Logan Gilbert is the Tampa Bay Rays. They have a serious need for a starting pitcher, they have the players to trade to make something happen, and not to mention, Logan Gilbert is from Florida.

The Rays have a lot of interesting players like Josh Lowe, Isaac Paredes, Yandy Diaz, Harold Ramirez, Brandon Lowe, Luke Rayley and Randy Arozarena, who it seems like is pretty available this offseason. I think in most of the trade scenarios here, you could get at least 2 and maybe 3 of the previously mentioned guys. Maybe Yandy Diaz and Luke Raley or Arozarena, Brandon Lowe and Harold Ramirez or maybe a pitcher back to Seattle.

The Rays have a big need and a lot to offer the Mariners and I fully expect the Rays to be in on the Mariners pitching in some capacity.