4 Replacements the Mariners could look at after trading away Jarred Kelenic

With Kelenic being included in yet another salary dump for the Mariners, we explore their options to replace him in the corner outfield.

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Mariners go the international route

Jung-Hoo Lee

Jung-Hoo Lee is a pretty big question mark this offseason. Lee is a 25-year-old outfielder who had a really good 2022 season at the age of 23. He slashed .349/.421/.575 with 23 home runs and more walks than strikeouts. He dealt with injuries in his age-24 season playing only 86 games while slashing .318/.406/.455 with 6 home runs. From the reports I have read, Lee is a plus runner and a solid defender in the corner. He fits the type of player that Dipoto seems eager to add this offseason with a career on-base percentage of .407 and a K/BB ratio of 304/383.

MLB Trade Rumors put out their predictions for the top 50 free agents this offseason and in that, estimated that Lee would get a 5-year deal worth $50 million dollars. I think that this is probably a pretty reasonable offer for Lee, as there are some concerns about his ability on defense, a lot of it comes from playing centerfield. He doesn't fit the prototypical corner outfielder, he's unlikely to hit more than 20 home runs regularly, putting more pressure on the contact skills.

I think if the Mariners were able to sign him to a contract for around that $10 million AAV mark, he would make a solid addition and be someone that could hit in the bottom half of the lineup and limit strikeouts and provide good, solid at bats at the bottom of a lineup. He could eventually prove to be a solid hitter and maybe work his way into the 1 or 2 hole. The investment wouldn't be a huge investment but one that could prove to be a very good investment if he can continue to improve, something that isn't unrealistic considering he is only 25.