4 Replacements the Mariners could look at after trading away Jarred Kelenic

With Kelenic being included in yet another salary dump for the Mariners, we explore their options to replace him in the corner outfield.
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Mariners Trade for their bat

Randy Arozarena

Randy Arozarena has been made available, and the Rays haven't really tried to hide that fact. We have talked about the possibility of the Mariners adding Arozarena this offseason multiple times, the fit just makes so much sense. Arozarena is in the 2nd year of arbitration and estimated to earn around $9 million dollars and this is when the Rays typically look to move players. The Rays have a serious need in their rotation after they have been decimated with injuries.

Arozarena is a borderline star in this game, but I think has been sort of buried in Tampa Bay. I would love to see him and Julio roaming the outfield together, they would just bring such good energy. Arozarena had a really good 2023, but he has been that level of player since he came into the league. He has a career slash line of .265/.351/.451, with a 128 wRC+, and has had at least 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases in the last 3 years. He fits the mold of reducing strikeouts with a career 25.4% strikeout rate.

In my opinion, Arozarena is the perfect fit for this team and would be the second or third-best bat on the team behind Julio and maybe JP Crawford. He can play every day in left field and add a really good bat in the middle of the lineup behind Julio.