4 players who could fill in for Mariners Captain J.P. Crawford while he's out

With the news that J.P. Crawford, the Mariners Captain, will be out for a while, who could the Mariners turn to to replace Cap?
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Candidate #4: Dylan Moore

Dylan Moore is the last name on this list, but he is certainly not the least. Yes, I have written negative things about him in the past, but he has looked good this year, both with the stick and with the leather. He has made quite a few web-gem plays this year. He can play just about every position, and Scott is confident wherever he puts Moore.

The only downside with Moore playing every day at short would be the defensive versatility he brings. Scott can and has played him just about everywhere. He has cut his strikeouts down from 30% in his career to 25% in 2024. His walk rate is up about 4% from his career average of 9.7%, to 14.3%. His career OPS+ is 97, and so far in 2024 it is 120.

Sure, it is a relatively small sample size for Moore this year, but I have really liked what I've seen from him so far. He has played shortstop in both games that J.P. Crawford has missed so far, so obviously Scott agrees.

So, who will be the primary shortstop?

For now, at least, it'll be Dylan Moore. Scott Servais has said that's how it'll go for now, and for now, that will work. Josh Rojas figures to get the bulk of the leadoff at-bats, at least against righties for now. Julio will lead off against lefties, with Josh Rojas hitting the bench in favor of Luis Urias.

If Leo Rivas struggles, and Taylor or Bliss cut down on the strikeouts, I would think that one of those guys will come up. But for now, Scott and the front office seem fine with Moore and Rivas handling shortstop.

As always, Go Mariners!