4 moves the Mariners could do to fix every hole in their lineup

The Mariners are faced with a lineup with plenty of holes in it. Here are 4 moves that they could make to fix every single one of them

World Baseball Classic Pool B: Korea v China
World Baseball Classic Pool B: Korea v China / Kenta Harada/GettyImages
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Mariners move #1: OF Jung Hoo Lee: 5YR/$75M ($15M AAV)

Jung Hoo Lee may be the player that I want more than anyone else in free agency for the Mariners. Anyone. Part of it is from a realism standpoint. If the Mariners sign Ohtani, while obviously incredible, they are unlikely to sign anyone else and it would also possibly mean we are punting deals for some combo of Gilbert/Kirby/Miller/Woo/Dumper down the line.

That's why Jung Hoo Lee is so fascinating. If the Mariners are that serious about cutting down on strikeout rate, he is literally the best option possible for that. Check out how many times he has struck out over the last 5 seasons in the KBO.

Strikeout rate: 179 Ks for a 6.38% K rate
Walk rate: 281 BB for a 10.02 BB rate
Batting average: .340

At just 25, he isn't even to his prime yet. Throw his name into the 1 or 2 spot in the order? Hot damn that's gonna be fun. He's even shown a bit of power, and I think you could expect 10-15 HR from him.

Also, I apologize if I'm stating his name incorrectly. It may be Lee Jung-Hoo, and I don't want to Americanize or insult anyone by typing his name in the wrong order. Hopefully, I'm forced to figure it out soon.

Fills a corner spot. Current Salary ~ $135M