4 Mariners who have stood out after the first week of the 2024 season

Let's look at the glass half-full after the first week of the season to see which 4 Mariners have stood out so far
Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
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Surprise surprise... the Mariners found another solid bullpen arm

The Mariners bullpen looked gas late last year; after the Paul Sewald trade, guys were forced into more opportunities and higher leverage positions and it just wasn't the same bullpen we had grown accustomed to seeing. There was a lot of talk this offseason about adding to the bullpen, and the Mariners did quite a bit to improve it, even after losing Justin Topa.

With a bullpen of Munoz, Brash, Santos, Stanek, and a few other solid mid-leverage options, it didn't seem like the Mariners had a lot of holes there, when healthy, this might be the best bullpen the Mariners have assembled. However, with Brash and Santos starting on the injured list, there was some uncertainty about how they would fill in the gaps.

If the Mariners are good at one thing, it is finding reclamation bullpen arms and turning them into very solid relievers. We could do a whole article on just those names, but today, we focus on what looks like another hit by the Mariners: Austin Voth.

When you think about Mariner's bullpen arms, you think about high velocity, sweepers, and high spin rates. That is exactly what Voth is and the Mariners seemed to have found something. It's only been two innings, but Voth has only allowed two hits, no runs, walking just one batter and striking out four of the six outs. Even more impressive is perhaps his sweeper; it is filthy! With it being over 10 mph slower, on average than the fastball, and with a spin rate of over 2650 his sweeper is generating a crazy 66.7% whiff rate. Obviously, that won't hold over the year, but you can already tell, it's going to be a problem for hitters!