4 Mariners who have stood out after the first week of the 2024 season

Let's look at the glass half-full after the first week of the season to see which 4 Mariners have stood out so far
Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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This offseason was full of ups and downs. We went into it expecting a super busy offseason where Jerry Dipoto and Justin Hollander would be able to go big fish hunting. It was one of the most impressive free agent classes in recent memories, only to be given the "RSN" issues and payroll constraints.

Even with all of that, Dipoto and Hollander were extremely busy flipping this roster over. With new starters in five of the nine offensive positions, there was probably a lot of hope and optimism, as well as some skepticism; with so many new faces, there can be an adjustment period.

The team has played pretty well so far, splitting the opening series with the Red Sox, before taking game one against the Guardians. Some familiar faces have been really impressive; while Dipoto, Hollander, and company look to have found another solid bullpen arm (are we surprised because we shouldn't be). Let's take a look at four players who have stood out after the first week of Mariners baseball.