4 Mariners who belong on the trade block right now

The Mariners have a chance to push for a World Series. Here are four players that the team needs to seriously consider putting on the trade block

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#4 Logan Gilbert 

Don't shoot the messenger, but we have to be realistic about this pitching staff. While Bryce Miller and Bryan Woo are promising young pitching prospects, Logan Gilbert’s current value is in another area code.

Arguably one of the best #3 starting pitchers in the league, Logan Gilbert is ascending as a player, and would likely be viewed as a #2 or even #1 starter for half the league. In 2023, Gilbert actually took a small step back from 2022 in some numbers, but in games against the Giants (5 hit complete game shutout) and and Padres (1 hit and 12 K’s in 7 innings), he showed that his development is on track.

So, much like with Miller and Woo, why would we put Gilbert on the block? Because Gilbert may already be on the clock.

Entering his fourth season in Seattle, Gilbert will be turning 27 and will have 4 years left on his contract before free agency hits. He's entering his prime, and may be one of the most valuable “bang for the buck” contracts in baseball. Now feels like the time to figure out an extension. 

If you can lock up Gilbert now, you may have control over his entire prime. With his size, mechanics, and durability shown so far, he feels like a safe bet, and a strong bet to be a winning deal if they could add another 3 or 4 years to his contract. The deal would likely be a huge win for the team, which is why Gilbert may not accept the extension. If he waits a little longer, his value could skyrocket, if he's willing to bet on himself. There's also the factor of whether a guy who grew up and played college ball in Florida wants to spend his career in the Pacific Northwest.

If Gilbert wants to wait, then the clock begins on Gilbert's future with Seattle, and unlike with Miller and Woo, Gilbert could be a groundbreaking type of trade that could bring in truly elite star power right now. Would Tampa Bay, just 90 minutes from Gilbert's hometown, be willing to part with Randy Arozarena AND Isaac Paredes in a deal involving Gilbert and prospects? Is that a deal you'd be open to? What if it opened the door for a certain free agent pitcher to come home? I don't want to play fantasy baseball here, but you can see the difference in what you could get right now for this offense, heading into a make or break year, for a guy that slots in as your #3 pitcher. 

I'm in favor of going another year or two with Gilbert, while strongly urging ownership to pay up to keep Walter long term. The potential value of this rotation is insane, and I want to see it through but don't kid yourself to think a player like Gilbert is not being talked about if certain decisions are, or are not made.