4 Mariners who belong on the trade block right now

The Mariners have a chance to push for a World Series. Here are four players that the team needs to seriously consider putting on the trade block

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
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#2 AND #3 Bryce Miller and Bryan Woo

The belles of the 2024 trade rumor ball here in Seattle, we may not get full 100% clarity on these two promising young pitchers' futures until after the trade deadline in August. While Dipoto has stated they didn't feel comfortable with the offers they received for their young pitchers, I didn't take that as the door is closed.

There are few things in baseball more valuable than a talented picture with multiple years of club control, and that is something Seattle has in excess. Logan Gilbert and George Kirby made the jump in the past two seasons, and while Bryce Miller and Bryan Woo likely made their MLB jumps a little earlier than the club had hoped, they showed that they belonged. There's a clear vision to where we could see one of the most dominant 5 man rotations in baseball, and in a long time this year…so why are they on the trade block?

I truly believe that the Seattle Mariners were open to trading one of Miller or Woo for a strong package of offensive players to help their lineup take the next step. These are valuable assets that you only trade in two instances:

1- Seattle is floored by such an incredible offer of matching young offensive pieces, that they can't refuse.

2- Seattle feels like they are a star away, and are willing to give up the 5+ years of control for 2 or 3 years of potential greatness.

With Baltimore acquiring Corbin Burnes and Dylan Cease still on the market, the timing hasn't been quite right for an Option 1 deal. I still look to the Cincinnati Reds as a team to watch during Spring Training.

Option 2 is likely not going to be legitimately considered until the trade deadline. The Mariners will need to prove that they can not only stay healthy, but have an offense that can match their pitching, and find themselves as legitimate World Series contenders in July. Only then are conversations about Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt, or Pete Alonso realistic.