4 Mariners the fans have already lost their patience with

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Mariners fans are fed up with Scott Servais

This is a bit of a bonus one here... notice that I said Mariners and not players?

As long as Servais is with the Mariners, I think he is forever going to be a in a state of "Is this guy actually good and the right choice to manage the team?", whether he is deserving or not.

That's the big question. Is he deserving of that discussion from fans?

I think he just might be. It's always hard to tell with a skipper, especially when you start running into teams that do have a fair amount of talent. Is it on him that the team can't hit? Or does this fall to the hitting coach? We have a team that, on paper to start 2023, looked like one of the best collections of offensive players that the Mariners have had in a long time.

Between the bad offense (yeah, it's been bad this year) and the confusion that sometimes rears it's head about the bullpen, plenty of fans question Servais. I remember this coming up last year, and it's made it's way around again. I have no idea who would replace him, and that's why I wouldn't necessarily just want to boot him out, but it's something that fans seems to be getting tired of, and Servais and crew need to turn it around, and quick.