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Mariners fans are fed up with AJ Pollock

I was happy when they signed AJ Pollock in the offseason. Honestly, I am happy when they sign anyone that can slot into a need on the team, even if they aren't the biggest or flashiest acquisition.

Pollock was supposed to play alongside Kelenic in Left. Kelenic would hit righties, and sit against Lefties. It would be the opposite for Pollock, as he would get those ABS vs southpaws. He was good against them, and spending $7M on one year of a platoon player that should've been a big help to the lineup made a lot of sense.

Except, he hasn't done that. He's hitting .152/.207/.342 on the season through 79 AB, and it's been worse that he has come up clutch a couple of times, because he literally hasn't done a single other thing good for the Mariners. He's been absolute garbage against LHP, hitting just .079/.143/.158 in 38 AB. That's 3-38. awful. I'm tired of it, and I'd rather see the free swinging Trammell out there. Or give Marlowe or someone of his ilk a shot. At least they might do something at the plate and on defense.

The Mariners already got rid of La Stella, a signing that made no sense at the time and was made to look worse with every AB. It's starting to be the same with Pollock, who is actually hitting .143/.208/.143 since those heroics in Oakland at the start of the month, just 3-21. Gross.