4 Mariners the fans have already lost their patience with

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Mariners fans are fed up with Kolten Wong

I'm still on Wong's side, and I think anyone following me knows that. He's hitting .279/.340/.349/ from April 23 through May 21, and has been good at the plate.

Here's the thing. I know that fans are tired of him, and it's still understandable. What they are getting form Wong is not enough, and he needs to continue turning it around and to play better, or else they are still looking at an issue at second base. It doesn't help that D-Mo is out still, although it sounds like he is getting closer and closer to coming back.

I think a big part of the continued dislike for Wong has to do with the emergence of Jose Caballero. He has been fun to watch, and has been playing pretty darn good as well. He's hitting just north of .300 over that same time frame as Wong, but with more walks, higher slugging, and more runs/RBI. His defense has been better too.

I think my favorite part, and likely many a fans reason, is how he messes with the pitcher during the pitch clock. You don't have to look up until 8 seconds, and he makes sure to milk as much time as he can while he is in the box before he looks up. It throws pitchers off, and puts the AB into his favor.

As for Wong, he needs to get back to his 2020-ish ability. Show the Mariners that you can play good defense, steal some bases, and hit a bomb every once in a while. He hasn't done any of that in 2023, and as each day passes, it looks like he is going to be the next "answer" at second to leave after just a single disappointing season.