4 Mariners players who won’t survive on roster past MLB trade deadline

One of the most exciting times of the year is approaching, and the MLB Trade Deadline is right around the corner. Here are 4 Mariners who won't survive
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Casualty #2: Seby Zavala

To be blunt about it... what is this man's role on the roster? Obviously, he's there as a backup catcher, but why? He can't do anything productive (at least from a fan standpoint), as he is providing just an awful slash line as well as some below-average defense.

Then, you can add on top of it that the Mariners have started giving Mitch Garver work behind the plate. In turn, it's helped bring Garver's bat back to life a little bit. Having one guy be able to fill the DH role and the backup catcher role is huge for the team and essentially makes the spot for Zavala null and void.

It's not even just that. If Garver couldn't catch at all, it seems like the Mariners would still look for an answer elsewhere. Even though he's dominating, Harry Ford is too young to come up. There has to be a move out there to be made, and does bring up a legitimate question about why the team moved off of Blake Hunt so quickly. For now, even Garver is enough to move on from Zavala.