4 Mariners hitters who are not helping themselves this Spring Training

With the season less than a week away, the time is now to be playing your best baseball. We have gone over the guys who have had a great Spring, so here are 4 Mariners hitters who have not looked good at the plate so far this Spring.

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While the offseason didn't go the way most Mariners fans (Including me) wanted, Jerry Dipoto and company were able to churn the roster over and came up with a better team than they had in 2023. I would like to think that they learned their lesson when it came to relying on 35+ year old's in free agency, and they did not seem to make that mistake again. No AJ Pollock's, no Tommy La Stella's or Kolten Wong's, at least we hope not.

When roster turnover happens, you lose guys you like, and gain guys you may not know. Sometimes you gain more than you lose, and vise versa. When you have a team like the Mariners, who seem to just be a few key pieces away from real World Series contention, the new guys better come in and make an impact early.

It is not just the new guys though. The players who stuck around from last year either have to replicate what they did, or get better than they were. Players who had down years have to put in the work to get better, and players who had good years have to put in the work to stay on top. That all starts at Spring Training.

Keep in mind that stats do not really matter all that much in Spring Training. Nobody remembers the guy who hit .600 in Spring but went on to hit .212 and got demoted by June 1. What I look for is hard contact, strikeout numbers, walks, and overall health. Every team in Spring has their own agenda, and you could have days where Julio and the boys are squaring off against a pitcher throwing nothing but changeups, or a pitcher who has not even sniffed double-a yet.

With that all being said, some of the hitters that are expected to help this team are of to terrible starts. Some of them are fringe guys who probably wouldn't have made the roster anyway, but some of them were hoping to play a major role on the 2024 Mariners. Here are the four Mariners hitters who are not helping themselves this Spring.