3 ways Dominic Canzone can be a difference maker for the Mariners in 2024

The Mariners acquired Dominic Canzone at the trade deadline in 2023. He has the opportunity to be their starting left fielder in 2024.
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He can provide more contact and clutch hitting

Jerry Dipoto and the Mariners' front office have been determined to find hitters who can create more contact throughout the lineup. Dominic Canzone showed in 2023 that he can be a solid contact hitter and be tough to strike out. In 44 games with the Mariners last season, Canzone struck out just 24 times. Those numbers bode well for Canzone as he goes into 2024 and looks to build off his rookie year in the big leagues.

Canzone's ability to make contact was on full display when the Mariners swept the Astros last August in Houston. In the series finale, Canzone went 4 for 5 with two doubles, a run scored, and an important RBI as the Mariners completed the sweep in a 7-6 win over the Astros. Canzone also showed he not only can hit average, but he can hit for power too. He smashed a game-tying home run against the Orioles and sent the game into extra innings.

Hopefully, 2023 was just a preview of what is to come from Canzone at the plate. He has shown what he can be when he is hitting at his best. Canzone has continued to showcase his skills with the bat during Spring Training. If that translates into the regular season, he could have a breakout season this year. On top of having a good spring, Canzone has consistently grown as a hitter throughout his professional career, improving each step of the way. Another year in the big leagues may just be what it takes for Canzone to show his full potential as a hitter.