3 Underrated bats the Mariners should target

The Mariners will obviously be in the market for bats. Can they pry away a big bat like Ohtani or Bellinger? They might not have to; they could target any one of these 3 bats to fill in some big holes.
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Robbie Grossman - 1 year $2-$4 million

Robbie Grossman is a pretty underrated player in my opinion. He is not a 3- or 4-win player by any means, but he is a guy that as a 4th OF, platoon player, occasional DH, is a very valuable player. Since 2016, he has only posted 2 below average seasons from a wRC+ standpoint. He has a career 12.8% walk rate and a 22.2% strike out rate. For a team that struck out the 2nd most in all of baseball, Robbie Grossman is a very "CTZ" guy. This offense has a lot of power, but also has a lot of high strikeout guys in their lineup and adding a guy like Grossman as a 4th outfielder, bench guy to sort of replace a Sam Haggerty, Taylor Trammel or Cade Marlowe, really raises the floor of this team.

Grossman signed a 1 year, $2 million dollar deal with the Texas Rangers last offseason, and he didn't really light the world on fire, so I feel like a pretty similar deal is in the cards for the switch-hitting outfielder. I think a 1-year deal worth anywhere between $2 and $4 million is all it would take to really deepen this team and give your lineup and bench more certainty than that of a Sam Haggerty, Taylor Trammel, or Cade Marlowe.