3 Underrated bats the Mariners should target

The Mariners will obviously be in the market for bats. Can they pry away a big bat like Ohtani or Bellinger? They might not have to; they could target any one of these 3 bats to fill in some big holes.
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The Mariners largest free agent bat in the Jerry Dipoto era was signed in the 2022 offseason. It was A.J. Pollock for a whopping $7 million dollars. I think that will change this offseason. The Mariners are that close to being a serious world series contending team, one that is really only missing a couple of bats. Ideally, they would be able to attract a bat like Cody Bellinger to roam an outfield with Julio Rodriguez or sign Shohei Ohtani to be their DH., Whether they do either of those moves or not, they should not overlook these 3 guys, that could prove to add valuable depth to a World Series hopeful.

I have also added my contract predictions for each of these players. These are based off of their fWAR and recent similar contracts. It is just to show what kind of value the Mariners can add and the fact that I don't think that adding this depth will really break the bank. These are total estimates and I have no history in accurately predicting contract values, so take the predictions and do what you will with them.