3 Trades to find the Mariners third baseman of the future

With the Geno trade, the options at third base are slim. In a limited free agency class, what options do the Mariners have to trade for to acquire the third baseman of the future.
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Possible Mariners Solution #3: Spencer Steer

I have mentioned Spencer Steer a couple of times previously this offseason, he might be my favorite player to add to this team. He isn't really a good defensive player anywhere, but you can get by with him playing third base for you, especially considering how good the bat played. Steer is a solid corner infielder with solid power and contact ability. He slashed .271/.356/.464, which translated to a 118 wRC+, a 20.9% strikeout rate and a solid 10.2% walk rate. He also hit 23 home runs and stole 15 bases.

I think the Reds match up well as a team with a lot of depth on the offensive side of things and lack some solid rotation options. As I stated previously in this trade proposal, I could see a package of Steer and Ian GIbaut/Lucas Sims for Bryce Miller/Bryan Woo making sense for both sides. Steer is a free agent before the 2029 season gets under way, giving him one less year of control than Miller or Woo.