3 teams who could swipe Teoscar Hernandez from the Mariners in free agency

The Mariners are unlikely to get Teoscar Hernandez back in Free Agency. Here are three teams that could swipe him away this offseason.
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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Teoscar Hernandez Culprit #2: Los Angeles Angels

This may seem wierd at first, right? The Angels cut a ton of their players towards the end of 2023, letting them walk to waivers without getting anything in return. It wasn't the brightest thing to do, as they couldn't sold hard at the deadline in order to build for the future. It's not the best way to convince Ohtani to stay, but at least you're showing a plan.

Instead, they let those players walk in order to get under the luxury tax and save them some extra money and to avoid those penalties. With a move like that, you would think that they are probably trying to keep costs down, right?


They are without the $30M that Ohtani made, so an argument can be made that they have that much money to spend. Maybe going after a guy who has raked in LA makes sense, since Teo has hit .326/.366/.535, hitting four homers and six doubles in 86 AB. They've been known to make rash decisions and change paths quickly in LA... could they look to make a splash by signing Teo and keeping him in the AL West?