3 teams who could swipe Teoscar Hernandez from the Mariners in free agency

The Mariners are unlikely to get Teoscar Hernandez back in Free Agency. Here are three teams that could swipe him away this offseason.
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Teoscar Hernandez Culprit #1: Toronto Blue Jays

I keep hearing that there is the possibility of a return to Toronto for Teoscar. They are losing Matt Chapman in free agency this year, so they will be looking to get some pop back in the lineup. I always find it funny when this gets brought up, cause there is a little part of me that wonders if there is a bit of collusion there. I doubt it, but it always crosses my mind. I blame Rodney Ruxin for always thinking of collusion.

Anyway, Teo was great in Toronto the final three years that he was there. .283/.333/.519 with a 133 OPS+ and 36 2B and 36 HR per 162 games. It can be hard to give you totals other than that since 2020 was a shortened season. 16 homers doesn't sound like a ton for a season, but it sure turns into a big number when you apply that 2.7 multiplier and realize it projects out to 43 homers.

With Chapman leaving, could they offer Teo something similar to what Nick Castellanos got from the Phillies, in that $20M AAV range? I could see it, but I see it being 3-4 years instead of 5.