3 teams who could swipe Teoscar Hernandez from the Mariners in free agency

The Mariners are unlikely to get Teoscar Hernandez back in Free Agency. Here are three teams that could swipe him away this offseason.
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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I remember last offseason when news broke that the Mariners were going to be getting Teoscar Hernandez in a trade with the Blue Jays, instantly improving their offense for the upcoming season. It sort of stunk that we were getting rid of Erik Swanson, but the Mariners were getting a power-hitting OF who had a lot of good years under his belt.

Fast forward to this offseason. The Mariners didn't get the year they wanted from Teoscar Hernandez, seeing his lowest production since 2019. They declined to present a Qualifying Offer to him, meaning that he was free to sign with whoever he wanted without anyone having to give anything to the Mariners. There is always a chance that he could come back to the Mariners, but I just don't see it happening. They could have given him the QO for abut 1YR/$20M, and he is going to fetch around 4YR/$75M or more in FA. I don't see the Mariners doing that.

So, who are the three teams that are most likely to swipe away the Mariners power-hitting outfielder? Let's get to it, and we start with an old friend who is reportefly looking to improve their offense after losing their third baseman to free agency this offseason.