3 takeaways from the Mariners late-game collapse against the Tampa Bay Rays

The Mariners had a golden opportunity to steal a game from the Rays, but fell apart late en route to a 4-3 loss to open the series
Seattle Mariners v Tampa Bay Rays
Seattle Mariners v Tampa Bay Rays / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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Takeaway #2: The Mariners' bullpen needs MULTIPLE additions

The first one sort of plays into this. The Mariners are not going to be able to succeed late into the season with the bullpen that they currently have. We have talked about it before, but they are rotating through guys right now just trying to catch them while they are hot, and a lot of the relievers that are in the pen right now are plain and simply not going to be there when the trade deadline comes. They blew this game late, and it's because they were stretched too thin without enough talent depth.

It's not just one arm that they need, but two. This doesn't mean that they have to go out and trade for two arms, though. Remember, they still have Gregory Santos ramping up, and it sound like he is about to go on a rehab stint. It could be a longer than normal one, as the team plays it cautiously to ensure that he is able to help the team as we get into the middle of July and beyond. After Tampa, the Mariners have a 9-game homestead, and he could rejoin them once it is over on July 9th in San Diego, possibly.

Then, it's the final addition that could come via trade. With Brash and Speier out, you need something more than what you currently have. Is it a big name? Is it more of a long relief style guy that you get to pair with Woo as mentioned earlier? No matter what, the Mariners need to go out and make an addition to their pen, and not just from a castoff style guy.