3 takeaways from the Mariners late-game collapse against the Tampa Bay Rays

The Mariners had a golden opportunity to steal a game from the Rays, but fell apart late en route to a 4-3 loss to open the series
Seattle Mariners v Tampa Bay Rays
Seattle Mariners v Tampa Bay Rays / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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The Mariners just can't seem to get out of their own way lately. After one of the best stretches in baseball, playing to a record of 38-21 after their poor start to the season, they've gone 1-5 over their last six games, losing a handful of games that they normally would win... or at least should be winning. It was no different to start the series against the Rays.

So... what happened? Instead of a normal breakdown to a game, we are going to look at 3 takeaways from Monday's game they lost 4-3 with three runs allowed in the 8th, and look forward to how the team can try and remedy some of their pressing issues.

Takeaway #1: The Mariners need another starting pitcher for Bryan Woo's health

Bryan Woo is electric when he is healthy. WHEN he is healthy. It's been too often this season that he hasn't been, and it's put a lot of pressure on the Mariners. Teams deal with injured pitchers all the time, that's to be an expected part of the game. However, you have to have some kind of plan to implement when that happens.

With Emerson Hancock also hurt once again (just a back spasm style injury reported so far) he's not an option, and it leaves the Mariners without many choices in the Minors. Do you bring back Jhonathan Diaz and just let him eat innings, hoping that you can get around a 4.50 ERA from him? Is that good enough with the paltry offense that the Mariners have?

Take a look around Tacoma, and there aren't many other good options. Levi Stoudt was bad enough he was released. Michael Mariot has a 5.62 ERA even with two good starts in his last two outings. Casey Lawerence has a 5.75 ERA. It only leaves Dallas Keuchel as someone we haven't mentioned, and he might be the answer if it isn't Diaz. Keuchel has a 1.57 ERA through four June starts and a 3.93 ERA on the year. Could the vet be paired with Woo in a spot starter/long relief role to rest the Mariners bullpen, as well as resting Bryan Woo? It could be a good low cost solution to try out in the month leading up to the trade deadline.