3 sneaky trade options for the Mariners at third base with Matt Chapman off the board

The Mariners have been incredibly active this off-season, trading with 30% of MLB. Do they have one more trade in them to address third base?
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Weighing the Mariners options at third base

The Mariners will need to figure out what to do at third base with Luis Urias injured. Deciding to make another trade to find a consistent starter at third base is an option. However, unless they add another starting pitcher such as Blake Snell, making a trade might be difficult. Teams certainly have been coveting the Mariners' young starting pitching and those pitchers (Bryan Woo and Bryce Miller) are going to be what teams are looking for. Seattle could cave to the pressure of finding a third base solution via trade or decide to just ride out the start of the season with who they have.

Blake Snell is still a free agent, but teams such as the Giants, Angels, and Yankees have shown interest in him. Signing Snell would allow the Mariners to trade for a third baseman with a young starting pitcher. The Mariners' front office has said they do not like the idea of trading from their group of young coveted starting pitchers. Instead, this off-season they have traded mostly veteran starting pitchers, relievers, major league infielders, and prospect outfielders to fill positions of need.

Bryce Miller and Bryan Woo have shown just how talented they can be and they have not yet reached their full potential. Adding Blake Snell appears to be one of the few ways in which the Mariners would be willing to give up Miller or Woo for a good third baseman. The other option would be to give up top prospects and a young starting pitcher for a third baseman such as Jake Burger and ask for LHP Jesus Luzardo as well.

Hopefully, Urias will work his way back to being able to play third base for the Mariners and will not have to miss too much time. Trying to find a replacement for him is complicated, but still a possibility. Thankfully, the Mariners already have Josh Rojas, along with Brian Anderson, and Michael Chavis in Spring Training camp who can play third. The Mariners have done a good job historically of finding third baseman. They will do what they can to address the position before the season starts.