3 sneaky trade options for the Mariners at third base with Matt Chapman off the board

The Mariners have been incredibly active this off-season, trading with 30% of MLB. Do they have one more trade in them to address third base?
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Marlins third baseman Jake Burger

Another possibility for the Mariners as far as trades would be to make a deal with Miami for third baseman Jake Burger. The Marlins recently acquired Burger from the White Sox in 2023, and he hit well for them at the end of the season. Slashing .385/.440/.593 with four homers, and 17 RBI in 25 games at the Marlins Loan Depot Park. Which shows Burger is capable of hitting in pitcher-friendly ballparks. With the Marlins stocked with pitching, perhaps the Mariners could swing a deal with Miami without giving up young pitching.

The Mariners would still probably have to give up a few of their young prospects to make this deal. Such as catcher Harry Ford, infielder Cole Young, or outfielder Lazaro Montes. Jake Burger would provide the Mariners with a long-term solution at third base. He is not arbitration-eligible until 2026 and has club control through 2028. The question is would Miami consider giving up a possible franchise third baseman after just acquiring him at last year's trade deadline?

At the time, acquiring Burger was a priority for the Marlins who were in contention for a Wild Card spot and they were in need of offense. The Marlins did not give up much to acquire Burger, as they sent only a young starting pitcher in Jake Eder to complete the deal. Unfortunately, for the Mariners, unlike the Orioles who have lots of depth in the infield, the Marlins do not. This means making a trade for Jake Burger could be harder to pull off.