3 scenarios for a successful winter meetings for the Mariners

With Jerry Dipoto already making moves as the Winter Meetings begin. What moves does he need to make for it to be considered a successful Winter Meeting?
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
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Scenario 2: Big Time Free agent signing

As I just stated, the Mariners contacted the Braves about trading Jarred Kelenic and taking on the contracts of Marco Gonzales and Evan White. To me, this means that the Mariners got some information from a player that they really like, that maybe they are closer to getting than they previously thought. Dipoto also stated that they intend to put that to use immediately. Between the Eugenio Suarez trade and this trade, the Mariners have cleared nearly $30 million on the 2024 payroll, so you would think they would be likely to reinvest that right?

I think from a free agency standpoint, the Mariners are closer to getting someone that we were led to believe a week or 2 ago. Reports have surfaced that they are nowhere near able to commit the money that Ohtani wants, and maybe that's the case. We heard the Mariners were very interested in 25-year-old pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and those reports haven't gone away. The Giants have been linked as front runners, but no one has ruled out the Mariners, and their clearing another $29 million over the next 2 years in the Kelenic trade, gives me slightly more hope that they could sign Yamamoto, something I would consider a successful Winter Meeting.