3 savvy deadline deals to propel Mariners to AL West crown

The MLB Trade Deadline is fast approaching and the Mariners are in position to add to a roster that has some serious flaws.
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Rounding out the offense with Tommy Pham

The Mariners' outfield is like an island of misfit toys, at least this year's collection of players. The two lefties have above-average contact rates (Canzone, Raley). Due to poor defense and a streaky start in the box, Mitch Haniger has moved from everyday starter to righthanded platoon bat. However, the offense goes as Julio Rodriguez goes, and he isn't going (yet). Even when the 23-year-old outfielder starts clicking, this offense is still at least one bat away from being ready for a long postseason run. 

Plenty of bats, like Christian Walker, Josh Bell, Mark Cahna, and Tommy Pham fit the Mariners' needs for more contact, righthandedness, and a veteran presence. The front office is high on their 8th-rated prospect, Tyler Locklear, who checks two of the three boxes; they may be banking on promoting him to augment the offense. I'd still dive into the trade market and grab Tommy Pham from the White Sox. 

No, he's not an extensive get (see Pete Alonso), but he's a proven veteran who will add a little spunk to the clubhouse, and he mashes lefties. After making a run with the Arizona Diamondback last season, Pham has played 24 games for a White Sox team destined for a 100-loss season. He's hitting (.316/.356/.830) his way onto the trade market and out of the Windy City. 

Pham is another impending free agent who would cost the Mariners another prospect in the 20-30 range and probably a flyer in the Dominican Summer League. Modesto corner infielder Luis Suisbel probably gets the conversation starter.