3 rumors that could be disastrous for the Mariners

With the Mariners list of offseason needs growing, we take a look at what rumors could prove fatal for the Mariners chances of making the playoffs.
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The Mariners only add "One and a half bats."

This one is going to be the most talked about this offseason. This could also prove to be the biggest offseason mistake the Mariners could possibly make. The Mariners have got rid of 3 relatively big bats from last season and were already 1 short. The Mariners are in a position where Luis Urias is almost certainly going to be the opening day third baseman. You then have 2 corner outfield spots and a DH hole to fill, so adding only "one and a half bats" is going to put you in a similar position as last year but with Urias at third instead of Geno, which I don't know if you are better.

I truly think for the Mariners to be in a better situation you need two and a half bats at a minimum. If you add a solid DH like Jorge Soler, a capable outfield like Lourdes Gurriel, then a platoon partner like Robbie Grossman, or ideally, Tommy Pham, I think you can say you are better than last year. It would give you a solid lineup, with a solid floor and some very high upside. A lineup something like JP, Julio, Soler, Cal, Gurriel, France, Canzone/Pham, Urias, Rojas I think is a little better than last year with a higher floor.

The Mariners are facing a very critical offseason, one that will see a lot of Mariners fans rally around a team and a town desparate for a winning team. On the flip side, botching this offseason could see a lot of Mariners fans turn on the ownership group like they have in the past when ownership did not commit to winning. This will make or break a lot of Mariners fandom for the team, and if John Stanton and the rest of the ownership group were smart, they would invest in this team and town that is a sleeping giant, ready to become a baseball town.