3 rumors that could be disastrous for the Mariners

With the Mariners list of offseason needs growing, we take a look at what rumors could prove fatal for the Mariners chances of making the playoffs.
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As Mariners sit and stew about ownership being greedy and not spending, other teams are rumored to be active and aggressive in trying to make another push for the playoffs and even another World Series. The Mariners arguably have the best roster to build around in all of baseball, if ownership would just open up the payroll and commit to winning. If you aren't committed to spending at least a little bit, while guys like George Kirby, Cal Raleigh, Logan Gilbert and even Julio are relatively cheap, then I don't have any confidence that you as an ownership group are committed to actually winning.

While Jerry Dipoto is working hard to try and build a roster with certain budget constraints, teams like the Astros, Angels, Rangers, and Blue Jays are running payroll numbers approaching or topping $200 million. The Mariners are at a disadvantage financially, but that is ownership's fault, as they could very well afford to increase the payroll. As Ryan Divish said in his recent article in the Seattle Times, "Let's be clear, the Mariners aren't broke or leveraged. They have money. They make money." With the Mariners and Dipoto facing an uphill battle against ownership, these rumors could make life even hard for a team trying to make it back to the playoffs.