3 recently released players the Mariners should take a look at signing

The Mariners need help offensively. Could they take a flyer on one of these 3 recently released players to improve their team?
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Daniel Vogelbach, 1B/DH

I know what you're thinking. The Mariners would be insane to bring back Vogey. And you maybe right, but remember what Vogelbach is good at: Hitting home runs and walking. 2024 has been a struggle for Vogelbach, but he is walking at a higher than league average rate (11.4%). He is even striking out at a below league verage rate! His strikeout percentage this year is 21.5% while the league average is 22.4%.

He has only hit one home run this season, but he also has only 70 at bats. He signed with the Toronto Blue Jays during the offseason, and was designated for assignment earlier this morning. He could be a DH platoon partner with either Mitch Haniger or Mitch Garver, and could spell Ty France at FIrst Base if needed once and a while. While it would be fun to see Vogelbach hit bombs above the Hit It Here Cafe again, I doubt the Mariners would be interested in bringing him back again.

Harold Ramirez, 1B/OF/DH

Harold Ramirez is an interesting player. He is not a power hitter, he doesn't take a walk, and he is terrible at defense. He sounds like a Mariner already! Ramirez was a contender for the batting title in 2022 and 2023, where he hit .300 and .313 respectively. His full slash line in 2023 was .313/.353/.460/.813 with an OPS+ of 125. This year, however, he is hitting .268/.284/.305/.589 with an OPS+ of 72. Ramirez is still just 29 years old, could a change of scenery be in order, or has he fallen off a cliff?

While the batting average is not bad at all at .268, it is what's called an "empty batting average". He is getting his singles and that is it. He has 44 hits this season, with just 3 doubles, zero triples and just one home run. in 2023, Ramirez hit 12 home runs, 19 doubles and two triples. His savant page will make you want to turn away, but I think there is still some 2022 and 2023 hidden in that bat. I would be interested if the Mariners signed him to a minor league deal and see what happens. Only question would be if Harold Ramirez would be interested in that or not.