3 Reasons why I'm frustrated about the Mariners deadline, and 3 reasons I'm happy

Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
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Happy Reason #1: I still believe in Teo... I think

He's been such a good hitter in Toronto, that I have to think the remainder of his season is going to be closer to that and what he did in June (.303/.376/.573) as opposed to July (.200/.248/.286). If Teo ends up hitting closer to June, he is going to be a big factor in the Mariners making a run towards their second straight playoff berth.

Also, he is likely going to be able to get a good contract after the season ends, although I don't know that it would be from the Mariners. It's possible they hit him with the Qualifying Offer, thinking that someone will give up the pick to take him onto their team with a new deal. That's honestly probably what the Front Office wants, to get a pick out of what was essentially a rental.

For now, I believe in Teo. I think he will be just fine for the rest of the season.

Happy Reason #2: A strong farm system

Yup, I know that was the same reason as Reason #2 in the other slide. However, it does seem more Dipoto/Hollinger-like to not panic and make a deal that they don't believe that they are winning. They made the Castillo move last year, and you had to think that they knew they were going to be able to re-sign him.

This had to be a situation where the Mariners were calling around trying to grab a hitter from someone, and everyone either wanted too much from a decently strong Mariners system, or they wanted a MLB-level pitcher. Those are two things that the brass just isn't going to do.

Happy Reason #3: This will finally be the year that they spend money on a hitter

It wasn't that long ago that the team dropped a fair amount of money on Robbie Ray. Sure, he's had some rought outings (who hasn't). He came into 2023 with an increased velo on his stuff, and looked ready to not necessarily duplicate 2021, but to pitch as a great #2 pitcher. One TJ surgery later early in the season, and he's out.

I believe, and I will believe it every year, that the Mariners are going to make a splash in Free Agency this year. I think that it ties into Reason #1. Teo does well and walks, they get the pick, and they have that money available to spend on an outfielder. I don't know that I believe the team would fork that money out for Shohei, even though I think it would be awesome. Could it be Lourdes Gurriel? Cody Bellinger? Harrison Bader? Michael Conforto? There are some pretty good options potentially out there.

After having some time to think about it, I am slightly leaning towards being okay with how the deadline went. We always want the team to get better, but mortgaging the future can be tough. I just hope they can do something this Winter, because the pitching staff is great and this team is ready.