3 Reasons to stop being a Mariners fan... and 3 reasons you should never leave

The Mariners can be a tough franchise to be a fan of. Let's take a look at 3 reasons why you should stop being a fan... and 3 reasons why you should never leave

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
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Reason #2 to Leave: Watching your favorite players leave over and over

This is something that we have actually seen a couple of times this offseason already. We had to watch Marco Gonzales and Jarred Kelenic leave. Tom Murphy is gone as well, and he had a lot of fans.

It's not just this season though. Kyle Seager decided to retire rather than go somewhere else, because all reports were that the Mariners weren't interested in bringing him back, not even for a lower rate than the declined club option. Nelson Cruz left instead of being able to finish as a Mariner.

Bring it back to more recent times, and we've also seen Paul Sewald, Eugenio Suarez, and Jose Caballero be traded away. A lot of these players I'm talking about weren't just good, but fans really liked them.

It sucks, because this is compounded by reason number one. You know that they aren't really going to be looking for people in free agency, so that trades are going to be happening, increasing the odds of your favorite player leaving.