3 reasons the Mariners offseason changes will lead the team to the playoffs

The Mariners are a drastically different team than they were when 2023 ended. Here are 3 reasons why those changes will lead the team to the playoffs.
Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
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Reason #2 the Mariners will make the Playoffs: The Lineup is Deep

The Mariners didn't end up getting a massive bat added to their lineup this offseason. No Bellinger, Chapman, Soler, or Jung Hoo Lee. However, they went out and added a ton of pieces, all of which have seen success in the past.

It has to be brought up, whenever you talk about it, that it's a risky set of additions. Injury history, short success windows, potential backside of career, higher expectations on a player than they've seen in the past... they are all worthy concerns.

However, it's tough to argue that this team isn't better than last year. Mitch Haniger, Dominic Canzone, and Luke Raley now patrol the corner outfield spots in replacement of Jarred Kelenic and Teoscar Hernandez. Those two only combined for a 4.1 WAR last year. Those aren't the biggest shoes to fill, and even if they just replicate that WAR number, it's going to seem more successful with the drop in strikeouts.

When you look at Geno in 2022+2023 and then Luis Urias in 2021+2022, do you know who had a higher WAR? I know it isn't everything, but Luis Urias actually beat out Geno 6.4 to 6.2. I bring this up because Urias was injured to start the year last season, and it affected how he played. Oddly enough, its similar in a way to some of the struggles Geno saw before we acquired him with an injury affecting his performance.

I still haven't brought up Garver, Polanco, and Raley. They've all put up some pretty darn good seasons. While there is no MVP-type player to pair with Julio, you're looking at an extremely deep lineup (again, if healthy) tha can perform 1-9. Ty France and Luis Urias might be your 8/9 hitters, and I think that's actually a pretty good world to live in, especially with a France resurgence.

Oh, and obviously, Cal, JP, and Julio. Cal is one of the best catchers in the game. JP had one of the best offensive seasons by any shortstop in 2023. Julio... well, he might just be the most exciting player in baseball. He's only 23 and is going to keep getting better.