3 Reasons Mariners' Julio Rodriguez will win MVP in 2024... and 2 reasons he won't

Julio Rodriguez is entering his 3rd season in the MLB, and looks better than ever. Here are 3 reasons why he will win the MVP for the Mariners, and 2 he won't
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Reason #2 he will win: Big name pairs stealing each other's votes

I mentioned this earlier, but I think that the majority of this actually falls in Julio's favor. You'll see that when there are two teammates who are both good candidates, that they can sometimes "steal" votes from eachother. It's not always the case, but in 2024 I think it could play to Julio's favor. Recall that list from earlier in the article, and you'll see that there are four pairs of teammates on there, with only Bobby Witt Jr, Jose Ramirez, and Mike Trout not having MVP candidate teammates.

The reason it could help, I think, would be that when it comes time to vote, there would be a legitimate argument that those teammates had someone to prop them up and propel their numbers, helping to build eachother up. For someone like Julio, it would be that he did it without someone like that.

Judge will steal from Soto. Alvarez from Tucker. Rutschman from Henderson, Semien from Seager, and even Bichette from Vlad Jr. Or vice versa. I don't think anyone on the Mariners "steals" votes from Julio, unless Garver or Raleigh somehow play 140+ games and hit .260 with 40 HR, or JP finds another level still and hits .295 with 25 HR. Or Haniger turns on the way back machine and replicates his 2018 season. I just don't see it though and think that helps Julio's chances.