3 Reasons Mariners' Julio Rodriguez will win MVP in 2024... and 2 reasons he won't

Julio Rodriguez is entering his 3rd season in the MLB, and looks better than ever. Here are 3 reasons why he will win the MVP for the Mariners, and 2 he won't
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Reason #1 he will win: The HR/Speed combo

Let's get excited and positive again. The HR/speed combo that Julio possesses is special, and is exhibited by only a few people in baseball. In 2023, he became just the 44th player in the history of baseball to notch a 30/30 season. That shows just how incredibly talented he is when we just saw how inconsistent he was in 2023. The fact he hit so many bombs and still stole that many bases is scary.

So, what happens if he ends up having a "consistent" year? How high up could he go? Could we be looking at a 40/40 season? Julio went 32/37 HR/SB last year, and he's only getting more comfortable and stronger. I don't think it's a wild prediction to think he teases a 40/40 season in the near future.

While the 30/30 club has 40+ members, the 40/40 club (Not the Jay-Z one) is much, much, MUCH more exclusive club. In fact, there are only 5 members of the club in total.

Jose Canseco (1988) - 42/40
Barry Bonds (1996) - 42/40
Alex Rodriguez (1998) - 42/46
Alfonso Soriano (2006) - 46/41
Ronald Acuna (2023) - 41/73

If I was a gambling man, I think I would land on the side of Julio joining that club in the next 3 years. His talent and speed just seem like a match made in heaven for that club, and accolades like that hold a firm place in voter's minds as they make their selections.