3 reasons Mariners fans loved April, 2 worries that still remain

The Mariners turned it around to finish with a great April. Here are the highs and lows from the month that fans can focus on
Seattle Mariners v Cleveland Guardians
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#3 Mariners' Positive: Josh Rojas putting the team on his back

Who would think that the Mariners best hitter in April would've been Josh Rojas? Does that make any sense to anyone? This is a guy that they acquired for Sewald, and plenty a fan thought that he wasn't even going to be playing that much.

Even heading into 2024, it seemed like there was a shot that he was going to lose a fair amount of playing time to Polanco and Urias. He has a bit, but has still managed 66 AB, and is slashing an impressive .318/.408/.530. I don't expect that to keep up whatsoever, but that was a monster April from Rojas. If they can get some decent numbers from him going forward with a bit of that sneaky speed, the offense is going to be just fine.

Mentioned it earlier, but the offense has to turn it around at some point and start producing. If Rojas can be a strong part of that, things are going to be just fine. Make sure to check out the schedule for May in our breakdown, and let's hope that the Mariners can keep it up. The pitching is going to cool off, but on the flipside, the bats have to pick up at some point. Go Mariners!