3 reasons Mariners fans loved April, 2 worries that still remain

The Mariners turned it around to finish with a great April. Here are the highs and lows from the month that fans can focus on
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#2 Mariners' Worry: The (lack of) Starpower impact

I'm not worried about Julio at all. I know that some people are, but personally, I'm not. He's 23, and his "bad" month still led to a .256/.298/.306 with 7 steals. No, it's not good. However, if that is the worst that a player has really ever looked at the plate, I'll take it.

That being said...

Julio, my guy. What happened to the power? He's 151st out of 182 qualified players in slugging, with just a single homer and three doubles on the season. His hard-hit rate and exit velo are down a bit, but they are still strong and sitting in the 71st and 80th percentiles, respectively.

He seems to be struggling in the clutch as well, and in key moments. Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports, and I don't want to sound like a keyboard warrior, but more as a fan who is struggling with watching such an incredible talent struggle at the plate. The weak pop out to Kelenic, and then first pitch swinging and rolling a ball over against a pitcher who was struggling with his control is tough to watch.

He will come around, I'm sure of it. He's a career .236/.296/.347 hitter in March/April, and a .281/.326/.484 in May, so let's hope those splits are a good indicator of success this month going forward.