3 questions Mariners have answered in Spring Training, 1 they haven't

The Mariners have answered a handful of questions in Spring Training so far, but this is one hanging over their heads that they don't have an answer for yet
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Nagging Issue: Which pitchers will be the first to get a call-up when the rotation catches the injury bug?

The Mariners came into this offseason with what seemed like a plethora of starting pitching. With the big three of Castillo, Kirby, and Gilbert and the emergence of youngsters Bryce Miller and Bryan Woo, the rotation seemed like a strength. There was also a pretty high expectation that the Mariners would trade one of them for a bat. 

The Mariners came out and stated that trading one of them was extremely unlikely. It made Mariners fans start to think about the pitching and the depth behind the starting five. The Mariners didn’t have much. Emerson Hancock ended the year on the IL and didn’t really set the world on fire. Behind Hancock, the Mariners don’t have a lot of depth. 

After they acquired Anthony Desclafani in the Mitch Haniger and Robbie Ray trade, it all made sense. The Mariners, in theory, had the starting five and two very capable pitchers in tow. It allowed them to be more conservative with both Miller and Woo if they so choose. 

After Desclafani was sent to Minnesota in the Polanco trade, we are back wondering who the next man would be up. Options like Casey Lawrence, Austin Voth, and even Trent Thornton were all brought up as potential starting pitchers. None of those guys have particularly stepped up and claimed that title of "the next man up".

Perhaps someone like Levi Stoudt, Hancock, or a youngster like Reid Vanscooter or Marcelo Perez will change people's minds in the next couple of weeks. As things stand, this is a hole that the Mariners have yet to solve.