3 questions Mariners have answered in Spring Training, 1 they haven't

The Mariners have answered a handful of questions in Spring Training so far, but this is one hanging over their heads that they don't have an answer for yet
Seattle Mariners Photo Day
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Who is the next bat up if something happens to France or Garver?

While this team received a complete makeover compared to the 2023 squad, they are not without their warts. This 2024 team comes in with a lot of injury concerns. They will rely on multiple guys either coming off an injury-riddled year or have dealt with significant injuries throughout their careers. 

Perhaps the biggest addition to this team in the offseason was Mitch Garver. He should see a ton of time at DH this year (he should catch absolutely 0 games this year). If he can stay healthy, he will be a huge part of this team in 2024. If something were to happen to him, we could be looking at one of the best sluggers in the Mariners' minor leagues in Tyler Locklear. 

Locklear is a big dude that has impressed as a professional. He has also had an outstanding spring, leading the Mariners in hits and doubles. He has struck out six times in just 17 plate appearances so he will need to prove he can get that under control. Locklear has proven that he could very well be the next man up if the Mariners are looking for a slugger come the dog days of summer.