3 Prospects who succeeded and 2 who failed so far from Mariners' 2021 prospect class

Before the 2021 season, the Mariners' farm system featured five Top 100 prospects. The ascending Mariners organization has now seen the debuts of all five of these prospects, how have they fared in their careers so far?
Cal Raleigh, Logan Gilbert
Cal Raleigh, Logan Gilbert / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The Pitchers that now headline the Mariners

#5 George Kirby

Kirby was a 1st rounder back in 2019, and he's continued his excellent command since his call up the show, leading the league in BB/9 and K/BB ratio. Kirby has nice off speed, including a slider and curveball that play well off of his fastball. His 106 stuff + is a strong number but 110 location + is elite. Because of his elite command, I think Kirby has the chance to compete for Cy Young awards, especially if he can remain durable. Kirby was ranked third best prospect in the org behind Marte and Julio and projected as a frontline starter. He already made an All Star team last season at 25, and ZIPS projects George for another solid campaign in 2024, a 3.48 ERA in 29 starts.

#4 Logan Gilbert

Gilbert hasn't made an All-Star game yet, but he's overdue for his first selection. Gilbert throws strikes (4.7 BB% in 2023), albeit not as much as George Kirby. He probably has better stuff than Kirby with less command, flashing a 133 stuff+ on his slider in 2023. Gilbert is middle of the road in K rate, as well as chase and whiff, but he's effective at limiting baserunners and pitching to contact. Logan also has started 32 games in back-to-back seasons, which is a rare show of durability in an era where many guys struggle to throw 150 innings a season consistently.