3 possible Eugenio Suarez replacements

With an unexpected salary dump of Eugenio Suarez, the Mariners may be in the market for a third baseman. What are their best options to fill that void?
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Trade for Bo Bichette....Yes Please!

While signing Candelario, in my opinion, is the most likely course of action the Mariners take, this perhaps is the biggest swing for the fences the Mariners could take. This would take a big package certainly including Miller or Woo and I wouldn't be surprised if the Blue Jays asked for Logan Gilbert.

Bo Bichette could immediately play short stop or third base and is one of the best hitters in the game, with a career 127 wRC+ and a .299/.340/.487 slash line. Again, he fits the mold of cutting out strikeouts with a career 20.8% strikeout rate. He would fit in anywhere in the top 4 of your lineup and gives this lineup another elite level bat. This would signal to Mariners fans everywhere that this team is going for it and is ready to win, something that I think all of us might need a bit of.

The Mariners certainly have been confident about acquiring their types of players and extending them. Maybe the Mariners don't give out a huge contract to a current free agent but follow their recent patterns. Bichette will be a free agent after the 2025 offseason where he will enter the 2026 season as a 28-year-old. I could see the Mariners acquiring him and extending him on a deal similar to Xander Bogaerts, maybe an 8-year deal worth 30-35 million per year.