3 possible Eugenio Suarez replacements

With an unexpected salary dump of Eugenio Suarez, the Mariners may be in the market for a third baseman. What are their best options to fill that void?
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Sign Jeimer Candelario for 3 years $45 million...I like the addition. What's Next?

We looked at signing Candelario previously after rumors of a Geno trade first surfaced, and I really like his fit. In my opinion, with shedding Geno's contract, I think this signing becomes the most realistic. Candelario. The Mariners have obviously placed an emphasis on cutting back on the strikeouts and Candelario fits that mold to a tee. He has a career 2.35% K rate and walks a solid amount at 9.6%. His bat would fit really well into the middle of this lineup as a switch hitter and could eventually play some first base or DH.