3 players whose Mariners future could be cut short after Winter Meetings

With the MLB Winter Meetings set to begin, Dipoto is going to be active. The roster is set to undergo changes, and as we focus on additions, what players could be on their way out of Seattle?

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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Jarred Kelenic

Kelenic was a top prospect just a couple of years ago, one that was regularly debated as being on the same level as Julio Rodriguez. Those expectations are certainly gone, but I think he has the ability to be an everyday 2–3-win outfielder. The Mariners, however, might not want to wait for him to reach that potential. He still possesses a lot of value in a trade and could better fit a team not necessarily looking to contend, where he doesn't face the same type of pressure.

The other part of this fits the team of the intro and the first guy I identified, Kelenic strikes out a lot! Kelenic has a career strikeout rate of 30.7% and while you can deal with that if a guy is hitting 30 home runs, Kelenic just hasn't shown that yet. He ran a 31.7% strikeout rate in 2023 and there is most definitely a scenario where the Mariners look to package him in a deal and get someone in a corner outfield spot with a higher contact ability and lower strikeout rate.